Raspberry Scarf
Raspberry Scarf
Raspberry Scarf
Raspberry Scarf

Raspberry Scarf

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Handwoven Scarf


Woven on a 45” Macomber Loom

Cotton warp

Cotton weft

Approximately 8” wide by 76” long

2” of fringe on each side


Each scarf is made by hand, one at a time in our Bristol, Rhode Island studio. Our loom is set up with a plum purple cotton warp. Shuttles containing a raspberry cotton weft are then thrown back and forth, changing patterns to create this complex scarf.

Super soft, and extremely cozy, this scarf will look great with a jacket or as a statement piece paired with any outfit.


Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent, hang to dry. Warm iron with steam when needed.

Actual scarf patterns may vary

Custom orders/ requests welcome
Please send me a message if you would like to discuss different color options, or have any questions.

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