Artistic Roots

Bristol Loom’s Beginnings

Maya Cordeiro, owner of Bristol Looms and a passionate weaver, was raised in an environment steeped in creativity. Surrounded by a creative family, Maya's childhood was a hands-on incubator for her artistic pursuits. Her journey as an artist began at an early age with art classes and lead her to study at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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Artistic Awakening

The Discovery Of Weaving

Focusing on textile design and fiber arts, Maya's collegiate experience expanded her passion for weaving. In 2008, Maya transformed a storefront into Bristol Looms, a hub for her weaving and a platform for local artists.

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Challenging Journey

Weaving A Digital Tapestry

Due to the challenges of keeping a brick and mortar store open, Maya transitioned her business online. With this new focus came a refined product line comprising of dish towels, placemats, and napkins, all drawing inspiration from her coastal upbringing and the landscapes of her travels.

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Weaving Inspiration

Deeply Woven Serenity

Maya's artistic process, a harmonious blend of mathematical precision and creative expression, reflects her love for nature and the calming influence of the ocean. Infusing her weavings with colors reminiscent of the sea and volcanic beaches, she aims to evoke feelings of relaxation and joy. Maya hopes that her meticulously crafted pieces, woven with dedication and care, become cherished heirlooms adorning the spaces of her customers' lives for generations to come.

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