blue napkin
Blue • Set of 4
Blue • Set of 4
Blue • Set of 4
Blue • Set of 4

Blue • Set of 4

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Handwoven Cotton Napkins


Woven on a 45” Macomber Floor Loom

Warp: Shades of blue cotton 

Weft: blue cotton

Approximately 15” wide by 15” long

Short fringe with machine hem


Each napkin is made by hand, one at a time in our Bristol, Rhode Island studio. Our loom is set up and threaded with a cotton warp. Shuttles containing blue cotton weft are then thrown back and forth in a plain weave pattern. 


Machine wash cold, dryer safe. Warm iron with steam when needed.

Custom orders/ requests welcome 
Please send me an email if you would like to discuss different color options, or have any questions.

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Materials: cotton yarn