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Handwoven Dinner Napkin (1)


Woven on a 45” Macomber Floor Loom

Natural cotton flake yarn warp

Multiple color weft including white and shades of blue, teal, dark gray, light gray, and black cotton.

Approximately 15” wide by 15” long

Machine hem


Each napkin is made by hand, one at a time in our Bristol, Rhode Island studio. Our loom is set up and threaded with a cotton warp. Shuttles containing white, blue, teal, dark gray, light gray and black cotton weft are then thrown back and forth in a plain weave pattern. 

The colors in this napkin were inspired by the beautiful water, sky, and rocks from the Azorean island of Sao Miguel.


Machine wash cold, dryer safe. Warm iron with steam when needed.

Custom orders/ requests welcome 
Please send me an email if you would like to discuss different color options, or have any questions.

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Materials: cotton yarn

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